Monday, May 21, 2012

Style - Vanity or Artistic Expression?

I finally got my hands on a petite dress form. I have always secretly wanted one, but never followed through on buying one. Now I need one for a summer project I'm working on and here it is,
thanks to my client, Grace, of Modern Grace Boutique. What's more is that it is the perfect size. I wanted a dress form as close as possible to my frame and this one, I believe is an X-Small.

The dress form needs a bit of TLC, which I will happily provide this upcoming weekend. I will 1) Clean it up a bit with a simple rub down using alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  2) Paint the outline of the heart (at the neck) black with fabric paint. 3) Decoupage the pedestal with old book/newspaper print and then top it a coat of glossy lacquer. Or, I may just paint it all black. I haven't decided yet.

It's funny that while I've been minimizing my wardrobe, maintaining my style is becoming more and more important to me. I guess it's because I'm even more mindful than ever about what goes into my wardrobe, what pieces matter to me, and what styles I truly identify with.

Perhaps it's because I'm viewing my wardrobe and how I wear and feel in my clothes more and more as an artistic expression - an emotional expression. I will literally dress up when I feel down. I will wear black when I feel drawn. I will wear sneakers when I feel restless.

The dress form just might help me plan my outfits for the week, especially when I am tempted to go out and buy something because I don't feel I have anything in my closet. Thinking through outfits for the week is helping me look more put-together (now that I have an offsite assignment) while not wasting too much time in the mornings deliberating over what to wear. Having the dress form will make it more fun.

How do you manage to keep your sense of style (and keep it easy and fun) with a busy schedule?

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