Sunday, May 13, 2012

Take Yesterday for Example

From lil' one's first piano recital to a day trip to one of my new favorite cities, it was quite a Mother's Day weekend. The gratitude and love I have for my mother - well at this point, it's a given. This year I thought I'd write about my lil' one, because this relationship that she and I have is wonderful in many ways, but trying in many others.

It isn't easy to be a parent, especially when you want to do all you can for her, when you want to devote so much time to her but you need to keep the boat afloat, or when she tries your patience in that special way that only your very own offspring can do. Take yesterday for example...

Lil' one,

 you refuse to take pictures where you are not making some sort of crazy face...

 you wouldn't put that darned 3DS down to eat your soup...

 you had countless mopey moments when you didn't get every single thing you wanted...

you made fun of my lame picture poses,

 you wouldn't pretend to "nearly fall off the ledge" with me...

and you absolutely must contradict every thing I say.  HOWEVER,

 how can my frustrations not fade away at a girl who must picks the funkiest glasses and wears them proudly?

And when you smile, you are an absolute joy.

(just another mopey moment)

When you're a good sport, you're the BEST sport.

Lil' one when you are you - you are so fun; so incredible.

When you make the best of something, it is the greatest. "Let's make wishes at the water wheel!"

(making lots of wishes)

Note to Self:
My lil' one will not always say all the right things and do all the right things. She will not always be nice and polite. I will have to remind her to say "hello", "thank you", and "please". She will not just voluntarily do her chores. So on, and so forth. HOWEVER,

lil' one will always make funny faces and beautiful faces, she will live on her own terms, she will always be my perfectly imperfect sunshine.

Happy Mother's Day


  1. I love this!!!!! You guys relationship is so much like my daughter's and mine. You said it well. Beautiful!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Micheal. I beat myself up sometimes because we have very not-so-perfect moments, but in the end she makes me so happy.